Meet the team


The Barton Family

Rob and Lesley Barton, high school sweethearts, married in 1997. A family of seven, they have three biological children and two children adopted through the foster care system. They understand the joys and deep struggles of serving as foster parents and feel privileged to walk beside those in the midst of the journey. Helping children and families become physically, spiritually, relationally, and emotionally healthier is a goal they share.

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The Henry Family

David and Michele were married in 1995. A teacher and pastor, the Henry’s are the proud parents of 11 children. God orchestrated their family from birth, foster care, and international adoption. Working with families and children are a passion of David and Michele. They trust that God will use their experiences to encourage others and build the Kingdom.

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The McDivitt Family

Mike and Lori married in 1993. They have 7 children. They have been foster parents and are adoptive parents. They both are apart of the education system. Helping students to grow and become all they can be. They are excited to walk beside those who are called to foster or adopt.